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We find people that are ready to listen

Politika is a cutting edge marketing firm that specializes in political and advocacy communication. Our insights and suggestions are based on analysis of data and interactions that motivate people usually overlooked. 

We don’t just connect with supporters. We find new ones at the right time, and in the right place.

We offer strategic consulting, media planning, branding, campaign management, and digital marketing services to support political candidates & parties, advocacy groups, and public officials.

Better data. Better decisions.

Our team has been excelling in public relations, public affairs, and marketing for over twenty-five years.  With positions of always-increasing responsibility in government, campaigns, corporate branding, and trade associations, Politika professionals have a “whole board” view of client objectives.

If recent campaigns have shown anything, it’s that there’s no “usual” anymore. We can help navigate the new world of motivation and engagement. 

It’s both simple and technically complicated.

We handle the tech complexity, don’t worry. We help clients connect with new supporters while also keeping a constant, robust dialogue going with existing supporters. 

There’s a space between voter rolls and people who don’t even know they’ve been waiting to hear from you. We find those new supporters. 

In fundraising, advocacy, campaigns – or a mix of all three, as is often the need – we use better data and better tactics to support client goals.

We don’t just give what we do, we provide what clients need. There’s a difference.